Hope4Sure Foundation is a charitable organization established in 2013, registered in Canada No 1913333 Ontario and Nigeria CAC/IT/NO/77133.
  • Our Mission:

    To Educate, Inspire, and Empower people in Nigeria by focusing on education and community development.
  • Our Vision:

    To provide sustained education, allowing individuals to reach their untapped potential and incite economic growth by becoming the next leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in their country.
  • Youth Empowerment and Skill Acquisition:

    Over the years, Hope4Sure Foundation has being at the forefronts to close the skills gap and helping Vulnerable children across the world to access quality education and to add value to lives through our Skill acquisition programmes.

    The we are today the rate of unemployment is alarming and many youth could not be able to see the four corner of formal education due to financial constrain and support. Hopeforsure foundation is the heart that cares in order to fix the challenges and to inspire children towards dignified life, Poverty Eradication, Empowering Youth with Skills and Tools
  • Educate:

    We educate children through partnership with local schools and our provision of scholarship to the less privilege to actualize the academic career and develop hope for the future. Our passion is to see that children get quality education with our support, build them to become tomorrow leaders.
  • Capacity Building:

    We offer workshop for both kids and adults for knowledge sharing in rural and urban areas in Nigeria. The goal is to reawaken their potential and inspire them to pursue their biggest dream.
  • Empowerment Fund:

    We offer empowerment fund to deserving youth and community members who had completed most of our trainings from various skills acquisition programmes and encourage them to be innovators, good manager and entrepreneurs that will contribute positive to economy development in Nigeria.
  • Our Achievement:

    The success of our organization and service delivery depends on financial support and product received from corporate and private sponsors in actualizing our goals. In line with our passion to transform lives Hopeforsure Foundation stretch out helping hands to everyone in need ,delivering hope and raising role model. We have been able to trained and support over Five thousand kids and adult in the last four years.